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What is the reboot fund?

It is a fund that is aimed at rebuilding the cyclone idai affected areas. It is funded and managed by a group of like-minded Zimbabwean enterprises. The reboot fund comprises of a Board of Trustees consisting of reputable enterprises not limited to Old Mutual, Econet Wireless, United Refineries, Cassava Smartech, Liquid Telecom, Miracle Missions and Vinal with a common cause to restore livelihoods and rebuild infrastructure in areas affected by Cyclone Idai.

What minimum amount are we looking at in terms of donations?

Every dollar counts and require individual donations of any amount. For enterprise we are appealing for a minimum of RTGS $10 000.00

Where do we make our pledge or get more Information?

Contact Idai Zimbabwe on toll free 08084444 or visit https://idaizimbabwe.org/

Is this number only for donations?

It is also a helpline for affected individuals seeking assistance.

What is the RTGS/ USD Account Number?

Steward Bank

If our donations are physical where do we deliver or is there a provision for them to be collected?

There are several drop off points such as Miracle Missions and Econet Shops which also have drop off and collection points.

When you talk of rebuilding and restoring, what are you specifically looking at?

Some of the needs identified to date include:

  • Rebuilding Schools – RTGS +$2.5M
  • Water Supply           – RTGS +$2M
  • Sanitation Facilities –RTGS +$2M
  • Power                         -RTGS +14M
  • Road Network          -RTGS +$23M
  • Agric Infrastructure –RTGS +800K
  • Economic Activity    – RTGS +20M
  • Buildings                   – RTGS 450K
What is the damage like to date?

Please visit the website, https://idaizimbabwe.org/

Are you only accepting donations or you are also allowing us to come in as a service provider in our area of expertise?

We are accepting any form of donations, please advise us on your area of specialty and we will forward your details to the project managers to check resource requirements.

As a business we would like to have access to an Audit trail, will this be availed?

An Audit Trail will be availed since you are partnering. The fund is being administered by a governance team independent from appointed auditors.

What areas are you operating from?

Manicaland and Masvingo provinces

What is the estimated cost for Rebooting, rebuilding and Restoring?

Please note the fund is intended to support Government interventions and we are targeting to pool a minimum estimate of RTGS $100 Million.

Do we have access to the risk assessment as donors?

It can be availed upon request.

Do you have facilities on the ground to cater for more personnel if we are to deploy our teams?

Yes we have centers that have been set up by our Partners

Are all the affected areas now accessible to donors or rescue teams?

Yes most areas are now accessible as temporary roads to access affected areas were created

Can an organization control distribution of the donation they have provided?


Are the donations open for both Corporates and Individuals?

It is open for both corporates and individuals.

What is the estimated Project timeline?

12 months at the least